City Design Regarding Transportation

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City Design Regarding Transportation by Mind Map: City Design Regarding Transportation

1. walking / Running

1.1. Sweat coin

1.2. walkways

1.3. active transportation promotion

2. cars

2.1. self driving

2.2. Laneways

2.3. solar panels

2.4. speed traps?

2.5. Advanced carpooling system

2.6. Safety features

2.7. Round abouts to lessen traffic

2.8. winter tires? will the city have winter?

2.9. Flying cars?

2.10. Cars that can detach into smaller vehicles,

2.11. cars that can join to make large vehicles, making it more effective with its emissions?

2.12. traffic app

2.13. uber / Lyft type of system. This system would only use electric vehicles

2.14. cheap and accessable vehicles that are eco-friendly

2.15. car rental service - simaular to lime bikes, can get car anywhere through app

3. Busses

3.1. Bus lanes

3.2. Sustainable buses

3.3. Electric

3.4. Solar panels on the buses

3.5. Double / triple decker busses

3.6. Free bus fare to encourage public transport

3.7. Self driving - similar to the GACHA design at beazlys design museum.

4. Trains

4.1. Free train fare

4.2. The tops of trains usually do not have anything on them, what if solar pannels were added to them.

4.3. Public trains that also provided transportation for the government eg. food

4.4. trackless trains that use magnetic repulsion

4.5. Trains built on a downhill slope that so they did not need to use fuel

4.6. Trains surrounding the outside of the city with buses that go into the city.

4.7. Double floored trains

5. trucks

5.1. Self driving

5.2. Eco-Friendly trucks with

5.3. trucks that can dock onto platfroms that make them boats, allowing them to transport materials

5.4. Trucks with bendable storage containers so that they can drive in more narrow intersections and roads

5.5. Trucks with emergency accident prevention that stops them from rolling Eg. stabilizer

5.6. truck lanes

5.7. Online check in system so trucks do not need to go through customs

6. underground train

6.1. High speed underground tubes that do not stop often

6.2. Double floored underground trains

6.3. Sanitary trains that prevent spread of desease or virsues.

6.4. One cart specifically for people that need priority eg. pregnant, disabled...etc cart could have a worker to help the people

6.5. Tvs with ads to fund the trains, causing it to cause less, meaning people will be charged less

6.6. Food carts from restaurants on the tubes, eg. Prett cart. permet costs money that reduces prices for customers.

7. Boats

7.1. Hydro generator

7.2. high speed

7.3. non electric

7.4. a city that has a large river system / canal that goes through the whole city. boats would go down this cannel to transport items. The boats would not have engines. they would need to be used with paddels - or, simular to another idea, the river can slowly go down hill, meaning that boats can travel without the use of any force. there would be a system that would lift the boat to the top of the next passage, so it can go down stream again.

8. Planes / Helicopters

8.1. underground airports to save land.

8.2. airport runways would be underground with a opening for take off

8.3. large cargo planes for shipments

9. Other

9.1. Round - abouts

9.2. shape of road system - downhill with raising mechanism

9.3. bike lanes, scooter lanes,

9.4. high speed scooters that are eco friendly

9.5. a system where travel is mesured. all eco friendly travel earns points which cause tax reduction. The more someone walks, the more they save

9.6. system for people to travel in an active way, money, points, discounts, accesses, benefits...etc?

9.7. gondola system