Reform mandates

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Reform mandates by Mind Map: Reform mandates

1. Consideritation

1.1. The certification program that offers lavish pay for teacher

1.2. Continuous professional development should prioritize competencies, not seniority and academic degrees

1.3. Careful attention still should be paid

1.4. Education reform needs more than just teacher transformation


2.1. • New form of assessment

2.2. • Abolish the national exam

2.3. • Simplify RPPs for teachers

2.4. • Modify the zoning system

3. Challenges

3.1. Teachers should make student feel safer in the current comfort zone

3.2. Teachers should create a competitive atmosphere

3.3. Teachers should be able to teach students of various backgrounds

3.4. Teachers in teachers’ colleges are well equipped

3.4.1. Subject knowledge

3.4.2. Pedagogical skills

3.5. Upgrade the competency and professionalism

4. Solutions

4.1. Teacher transformation is indespensable

4.2. Teachers should observation to detect the students

4.3. Teachers’ colleges needed to select the best candidates

4.3.1. Numeracy skills

4.3.2. Literacy skills

4.3.3. Interpersonal skills

4.3.4. Motivation to teach

4.3.5. Willingness to improve themselves

4.4. Massive open online courses

5. Weakness

5.1. Many of teachers are less than qualified

5.2. More than 60 percent of teachers are contract teachers with low salaries and no job security