Teacher Workshop

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Teacher Workshop by Mind Map: Teacher Workshop

1. Stakeholders

1.1. Debbie

1.1.1. Client

1.2. Local private school

1.3. Faculty

1.4. school board

1.5. Students

1.6. Parents of students

1.7. project team

2. Research Process

2.1. Step 1: Choose topic

2.1.1. Topic: "how teachers can fairly evaluate high school students that work together on a team."

2.2. Step 2: Collect information

2.2.1. Primary Research: Study how current teachers evaluate students teams from different school Secondary research: gather information form article and blogs about how teachers have successfully evaluated student teams

2.3. Step 3: Organize collected data and citations

2.3.1. Put all data on some form of documentation so it can be used to formulate presentation

2.4. Step 4: Evaluate data

2.4.1. Decide which data is relevant and which is not

2.5. Step 5: Create draft

2.5.1. Create draft presentation and idea on workshop

2.6. Step 6: Edit draft

2.7. Step 7: Submit final draft

2.7.1. Finalize how presentation will look and how workshop will operate

3. Scheduling

3.1. Day 1: Generate ideas on how and where we will collect primary and secondary data

3.2. Day 2-5: Start conducting primary research at different schools

3.3. Day 6-7: Collect secondary data through online research

3.4. Day 8: Put all the data together and weed out what will not be used

3.5. Day 9-10: Design/create workshop idea

3.6. Day 11-12: Create presentation about workshop

3.7. Day 13-14: Practice presenting and finalize presentation

3.8. Day 15: Present idea to school board

4. Presentation for Board

4.1. Step 1: Organize and integrate data from research

4.2. Step 2: Create slides that highlight the importance of methodology

4.3. Step 3: Add slideshow animations to appeal to keep the audience attention

4.4. Step 4: finalize presentation so it is narrowly tailored to the presenter

5. Deliverable's

5.1. gather, provide and analyze data that supports the implementation of methodology into the high school

5.1.1. create a clear and concise presentations on our project teams gatherings to the school-wide board meeting if school-wide board meeting goes well, we will deliver a workshop outline

6. Limitations/ Things that can go wrong

6.1. data could not be substantial enough to allocate money to the implementation of methodology

6.2. people don't show up

6.3. Debbie doesn't want to pay a specific amount

6.4. not adequate time to complete project

7. Budget

7.1. Currently no budget

7.2. Project cost: $10,000

7.2.1. $20/hr. per member

8. Project team:

8.1. Raymond

8.1.1. Conducting Primary Research

8.2. Thomas

8.2.1. Analyzing research results

8.3. Emma

8.3.1. Making outline

8.4. Blake

8.4.1. Making presentation for the board