Research Project: Fair Assessment of Teams in High School

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Research Project: Fair Assessment of Teams in High School by Mind Map: Research Project: Fair Assessment of Teams in High School

1. Implementation Methodology

1.1. Utilize workshop, and Raw Data to forumlate a plan

1.1.1. 1st, the environment of the classroom must be addressed, meaning how dependent will the material be taught on the basis of teamwork, versus singular work.

1.1.2. 2nd, After step 1 is complete, teachers will then begin to undergo the process of training in order to utilize our plan.

1.1.3. 3rd, and finally after the teachers have been trained, they will then enact their new strategies into their curriculum.

1.1.4. 4th, after a semesters amount of time, the teachers and student will be interviewed regarding how they felt about the differing teaching style

2. Research

2.1. Resources

2.1.1. Primary sources Teachers who give team-based projects Debbie Personal experiences of our team Students who have participated in team-based projects

2.1.2. Secondary sources Online databases Research papers on teamwork Videos/commentary/podcasts Reflections from team-based projects

2.2. Methods

2.2.1. talk to teachers for suggestions/clarity

2.2.2. interview students

2.2.3. take surveys for each classroom

2.2.4. monitor team activities

2.2.5. research how other schools use team projects, effectiveness

2.2.6. research past journals and secondary source databases

3. Outline of the workshop

3.1. Workshop begins at 9am

3.2. Debbie introduces itinerary for the day and greets teachers.

3.3. Packet of relevant data from our research is given to each teacher

3.4. Debbie explains methods of assessing teamwork in classes

3.5. Teachers discuss in groups

3.6. Lunch is provided at 12pm

3.7. Debbie introduces most effective methods

3.8. Sample grading rubrics are given

3.9. Teachers discuss ways to implement methods in their curriculums

3.10. Workshop will conclude around 3pm.

4. Board meeting Presentation

4.1. organize research into categories based on type of source

4.2. Create powerpoint presentation to show statistics from our research

4.3. Introduce presentation with mission statement/overview

4.4. Presentation Bulk Ordering

4.4.1. 1st, Theresa opens up discussion to the guests giving a general synapse of the project and its goals

4.4.2. 2nd, Mark and Rob take over delving into the body of research they were able to extract, explaining their findings

4.4.3. 3rd, and finally, Terray introduces ideas about how to implement the findings into the classroom environment and the process teachers must undergo to utilize the process we've developed

5. Debbie Interview

5.1. Determine price

6. Stakeholders

6.1. Debbie

6.2. The school board

6.3. Teachers who would attend the workshop

6.4. Students at the high school

6.5. Our team

6.5.1. Theresa Project manager, and Main Presentation Speaker

6.5.2. Mark Focused Researcher who's job is researching and determining the most effective methods

6.5.3. Rob Also a Focused researcher, who's job is to determine the best methods

6.5.4. Terray Third researcher, who is in charge of researching the best implementation methods. Also responsible for providing support to teachers during the implementation process.

7. Project Sponsor

7.1. Debbie