Sea animals and the environment (Anticipatory web)

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Sea animals and the environment (Anticipatory web) by Mind Map: Sea animals and the environment (Anticipatory web)

1. Marine ecosystem

1.1. Disruption of food chain

1.2. Fishes provide links between ecosystems through their daily migrating, feeding, resting areas

1.3. Fishes redistribute and transport nutrients between shore, pelagic and deeper bottom zones

2. Sea pollution

2.1. What is sea pollution?

2.2. What will happen if there is too much trash in the sea?

2.3. What else pollutes the sea?

2.3.1. Chemicals

2.3.2. Oil

2.3.3. Plastic

3. Types of fishes

3.1. Shapes (NUM)

3.1.1. Triangle

3.1.2. Oval

3.1.3. Cirlce

3.1.4. Square

3.2. Patterns and colour

4. Places fishes live (DOW)

4.1. Pond

4.2. Ocean

4.3. Island

4.4. Beaches

4.5. River

4.6. Under the ice

5. How to care for fishes? (SED)

6. Endangered sea animals

6.1. Animals that are at risk of dying out

6.1.1. Blue whale killed for oil (in soap, candles)

6.1.2. Steller sea lion eats only one type pf fish and does not have enough food due to overfishing

6.1.3. Hammerhead shark hunted for their fins (shark fin soup)

6.1.4. Fin whale hunted for oil, meat, baleen, fin

6.1.5. Green sea turtle Fisheries bycatch accidentally caught in shrimp trawl nets, longline hooks and in fishing gillnets. They need to reach the surface to breathe, and is unable to when they are caught and thus, dies. Habitat loss they nest on beaches and this might be disrupted by vehicle traffic on beaches, human activities that directly destroy or disturb the nests

6.1.6. Hawaiian monk seal food limitation loss of habitat human impacts fishery interactions, disturbance, intentional killing

7. Climate change

7.1. a change in average conditions like temperature and rainfall over a long period of time

7.1.1. sea animals migrate to deeper water due to raising temperature

7.1.2. stormy weather causes damage to coral reefs, coastal ecosystems and communities

7.1.3. rising sea levels

8. Marine habitat destruction

8.1. when conditions necessary for plants/animals to survive are gone

8.1.1. causes of habitat loss humans and mother nature

9. Sustainable fishing

9.1. Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)

9.1.1. fisheries are well managed with only fishing for what is needed to sell and not overfishing the seas.