Social issue

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Social issue by Mind Map: Social issue

1. Global warming

1.1. Cause

1.1.1. Greenhouse effect Carbon dioxide emissions Rapid Industrialization Burning gasoline for transportation. Burning fossil fuel including oil, gas, coal for energy Methan emissions Animals Agriculture Deforestation Removing forests and rain forests that are primary source of filtering carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide

1.2. Effect

1.2.1. Climate change Extreme weather events Widespread extinction of species Massive crop failures

1.2.2. Ice melt Higher sea level Flooding Scarcity of fresh water animals losing homes

2. Crime

2.1. Cause

2.1.1. Poverty Feeling hopeless about finding a job The need of money

2.1.2. Drug and alcohol Unable to control their actions

2.1.3. Lack of parental care Children will not be guided what is right thing

2.1.4. Poor judgement Lack of proper education and good role-models

2.1.5. Mental problems

2.2. Effect

2.2.1. Victims Obsessive memories Psychological effects Anger Depression Fear Feelings of anxiety Physical effects

2.2.2. Perpetrators Feeling of guilt Being isolated Unemployment Increasing the risk of crime again

2.2.3. Society Causing confusion The loss of money

3. Poverty (causes)

3.1. Lack of education

3.1.1. In the absence of training, skills or education, people cannot help themselves

3.1.2. While educated people re in a better position to apply ideas and knowledge into fixing basic problems and enhancing their livelihoods.

3.2. Climate change

3.2.1. Unexpected natural events such as flood, drought, hurricanes cause deaths, illness and loss of income

3.3. War & political instability

3.3.1. The safety, stability and security are essential for economic prosperity and growth. Without these basis-> hard

4. Drug addiction (effects)

4.1. Health

4.1.1. Damaging immune system

4.1.2. Mental problem

4.2. Loss of employmnet

4.3. Relationship loss

4.4. Incarceration

4.5. Financial trouble