Notes on Post 3: Where your Project should be by next week (2.19)!

Notes on Post 3: Where your Project should be by next week (2.19)!

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Notes on Post 3: Where your Project should be by next week (2.19)! by Mind Map: Notes on Post 3: Where your Project should be by next week (2.19)!

1. "Student parents complete degrees more slowly, drop out due to time poverty" (10.2.18)

2. "Care for Parents in College: A State-by-State Assessment" (2016)

3. Screenshot of full text link

4. Narrowing down Population

4.1. "Parents in College By the Numbers" (4.11.19)

4.2. "College Students with Children: National and Regional Profiles" (2017)

5. Next step: 1st round of research on Google (click arrows in white for actual links) shows it looks like it's a real and current Problem!

5.1. "For Parents In College, Affordable Child Care Is A Game-Changer" (10.24.19)

5.1.1. This could be a Model too because it includes links to government reports and specific info about programs and funding.

5.2. "Availability of Child Care Challenges Student-Parents" (4.27.17)

5.3. "The Quiet Struggle of College Students With Kids" (12.11.14)

6. IUP Models


7. Scholarly Sources on IUP Library Site (Discovery)

7.1. Refine my results: * Resource Type: Peer-Reviewed Journals, Full Text Online * Format: Articles * Subject: College students, Childcare - - > down to about 1,000 results * Creation Date: 1990-2020 * Language: English --> Apply Filters --> Click "Check for full text" --> Click " icon for correct citation --> Download actual PDF and copy citation right away

7.1.1. Screenshot of " icon

7.1.2. Screenshot of article on database with PDF

7.2. Purpose of Scholarly Sources • Deeper cause of Problem • Can be general: theories of addiction in general, not just opioids • Theory behind solution • Academic weight behind your project, want to show that it can work in a practical real world AND a high knowledge sense, this creates MAXIMUM RHETORICAL BENEFIT (persuasive as shit) • Doesn't matter if you're 100% right or not--not a science experiment--matters if you can convince your patron to do something by showing you are the person for the job because ONLY you have this particular and essential layered knowledge about the topic • Don't have to be local

8. Possible Plan Idea: IUP already has a program in place but not enough students are aware of it. I want to improve their website and awareness of it through social media marketing.

8.1. Let me find out where this money comes from and how much of it there is. Would there be any left for the Plan I'm proposing?

8.2. Let me find out what's feasible. IUP does have a new social media strategist.

8.3. Let me prove that social media marketing is the way to go for this age group and at IUP by looking into models that have been successful for this age group and specifically at IUP.

8.4. Now that I have the beginnings of a Plan, let me go back and look up some scholarly sources that deal with social media marketing too.