A Global Sense Of Place

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A Global Sense Of Place by Mind Map: A Global Sense Of Place

1. internationalization

1.1. economy

1.1.1. flow of goods food

1.1.2. globalization (operating on global international scale)

1.2. communication technology

1.2.1. internet email

2. time-space compression (geographic term)

2.1. "related to space, place. currently in this phase/situation now"

2.1.1. speed-up? time aspect

2.1.2. overcoming spatial barriers/disruption of horizons

2.2. "refers to movement and communication across space, to the geographical stretching-out of social relations, and to our experience of all this." (p.147)

3. Meaning of place related to global situations

3.1. uncertainty what places are and how we relate to them

3.1.1. reactionary of people to seek for sense of place nationalism sentimental "sanitized heritages" antagonism to newcomers and 'outsiders'

3.2. is local feeling possible?

3.3. not homogenous fake ideal of past places