The three approaches in research

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The three approaches in research by Mind Map: The three approaches in research

1. Quantitative

1.1. These are methods which rely on measurable and concrete, mostly they use number methods like statistics

1.1.1. Examples Medical research Studies on cholesterol and arthritis Physics research Studies on the recurrence of water boiling Demographics Studies on the distribution of races in a given area Topography Studies on the ground elevations

2. Qualitative

2.1. These are the methods that are used when the subjects or topics of study aren't concrete and subjective, such as perceptions and beliefs

2.1.1. Examples Anthropological research Studies on the costumes and beliefs of a particular tribe Sociological research Studies on the perceptions of the different sub-cultures

3. Mixed methods

3.1. Some topics of research must use both qualitative and quantitative methods, depending on the topic

3.1.1. Examples Pysichological research A study on the perception from a given group of particular movies and the correlation of these perceptions with other studies of psychology Marketing A study on the perceptions and beliefs from the people of a given product and how the marketing campaign affected the respective sales on a closed period of time