Business Intelligence and Segmentation Core team OKRs

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Business Intelligence and Segmentation Core team OKRs by Mind Map: Business Intelligence and Segmentation Core team OKRs

1. To make an intuitive process for the user

1.1. Creation of BI user group (by AEP)

1.2. Creation of SegUI user group (by Config analysts)

1.3. User feedback sessions with SDMs and clients

2. Help engineering understand user needs to anticipate changes and plan ahead

2.1. To document what does and does not work from version changes

2.2. Discuss complicated DSUP issues

3. Migrate automated extracts in Deedee to Sonic.

4. To ensure consistent insights over multiple tools

4.1. Consolidate BI and segmentation pipelines

4.2. Make BI logic easy to search and understand

5. To create and facilitate self serve reporting tools for the organization


6. To support sales efforts

6.1. Sales monthly support meeting to review target list and message to the market

6.2. Support demo environments

7. Externalize SegUI & support current tool

7.1. Explore options that would make segmentation enterprise ready for external sales

7.2. To make it possible for Config Analysts and others to segment customers

7.3. Add FAQ/Help page to Seg UI

8. To support HER 3.0 reporting and segmentation needs

8.1. Facilitate reporting with SOPs

8.2. Revamp Inside Opower to incorporate new data types

8.3. Update reporting capabilities to incorporate changes to PDS (Program Design Service)