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Assessment by Mind Map: Assessment

1. FOR - student records - student reflections - student progress - student success - daily growth - setting student goals

2. AS - continuous feedback - student self management - shared learning goals - shared learning outcomes - rubrics - checklists

3. OF - playing tests - journals - reflective essays - worksheets - audio/visual work - tests/quizzes

4. My personal assessment - Through many years I have adopted many of these practices. I am now applying smaller testing on a weekly basis, using newer software, and communicating with creative music journals for feedback!

5. Suggestions - expand on the use of the personal journal (students excel in thought and creativity when they take ownership) - self assessments - video/audio performances from students that may have anxiety while playing to others

6. Challenges - time management to apply many strategies - parental expectation of tradition assessment of music - day to day observation may be overwhelming for some students

7. FEEDBACK - one on one discussions - clarity for improvement - fairness - realistic expectations - inclusive to parents - accommodating - use of professional judgement - clear expression of ideas