Focusing on language

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Focusing on language by Mind Map: Focusing on language

1. Errors can be of many kinds. Sometimes language can be grammatically correcto but completely inappropriate in the context in wich it is used.

2. Errors and correction

3. A useful correction technique fingers.

4. This introduces a simple but effective basic technique clarifying the structure of sentences and for instant errors correction.

5. Basic technique

5.1. Put down any pens, paper, etc you have and hold Up one hand in front of you

5.1.1. Each finger present one word The learner gets a clear visual indication of the shape of the sentence.

6. Griterial rather than marks?

6.1. The candidate meets and surpasses the criteria.

6.1.1. The candidate meets all main aspects of the criteria. The candidate meets the criteria in some respects, but with significants problems. The candidate is unable to meet the criteria in any respect.

7. Studings using their own language

7.1. Is easy to speak in my language.

7.1.1. The teacher always correct me if I'm speaking English. I don't want to get it wrong in front of others.

8. Using English class.

9. Activities than make use of L1.

9.1. Mediation.

9.1.1. English wishpers. Diplomático affairs Role plays.