Sustainable Business on 2418 Main Street

After meeting with Jorge

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Sustainable Business on 2418 Main Street by Mind Map: Sustainable Business on 2418 Main Street

1. Sustainable Accessory Office Building with the Kitchen, Shower

1.1. Space to demonstrate building materials

1.2. Test the house on performance

1.3. Book overnight via Airbnb or

1.4. Airbnb Expericences

1.5. Hire and recruit students of subcontractors to build Sustainable construction

2. Organic Garden

2.1. Grow organic food with volunteers

2.2. Grow food to cook for events

2.3. Have Green House to sell seeds or food

3. Educational Center

3.1. Green Construction classes

3.2. Food recipes

4. Sustainable Accessory Conference Building

5. Outdoor Kitchen

6. Outdoor Speaking Stage

6.1. Invite Speakers from Sustainable businesses

6.2. Cooking presentations for Airbnb

6.3. Lectures by non-profit organizations