Youth Conference at Bidar

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Youth Conference at Bidar by Mind Map: Youth Conference at Bidar

1. when

1.1. april 16th to 19th

2. Why

2.1. closing of the Year of Youth

3. where

3.1. st Joseph's, bidar

4. Animators

4.1. Priests- Fr David, Fr Wilson, Fr Sunil, Fr rakesh, Fr antony, Fr Lawrence, Fr Clevan, Fr Jude, Fr Livin, Bro Reginald, Fr Bapu, Bro Francis, Fr David, Fr Johnson, Fr Deepak

4.2. Sisters- Sr Prema, Sr katleen, and youth animators

4.3. Anil kote, Sudhir, and other senior youth of different parishes

5. Co-ordinators

5.1. Main Organizer

5.1.1. Fr Clevan, Anil Kote and Agnel

5.2. Food

5.2.1. Raju, Subash, Vincent, Roy, Sr Prema

5.3. Registration

5.3.1. Sr Priya AC, Sapna, Sevanta, Vincent, Rebecca

5.4. MC

5.4.1. Main MC for 3 days Sevanta, -------

5.4.2. Inaugral

5.4.3. Cultural evening 1

5.4.4. Cultural evening 2

5.5. Group discussion incharge

5.6. Liturgy

5.6.1. Hulsoor and Muchalamba Srs, Anita, Sharanappa Praveen ujini, Rebecca

5.7. Escort

5.7.1. Bro Francis

5.8. Travel strategy

5.8.1. Bro Reginald, dinakar, George, subash

5.9. Report writing

5.9.1. Anil kote, sapna, samson

5.10. Cleaning

5.10.1. Agnel, vincent

6. Name for the conference

6.1. ...........