Professional Inquiry Project

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Professional Inquiry Project by Mind Map: Professional Inquiry Project

1. Community

1.1. How can I find sustainable ways that increase my department's budget without increasing the demand on the local tax payer?

1.2. Is there a way in which I can engage the scientific community surrounding our school to show students science in real time?

1.3. How can I start to foster a sense of community in the school between students, staff, and the physical building itself? (uptick in vandalism this year)

2. Leadership

2.1. What morale boosting ideas can be implemented at my school?

2.2. How can I be an effective bridge between administration and the other teachers in my department?

2.3. How can I develop a training module for new teachers to help them learn the ins and outs of our building quickly and effectively?

2.4. How can I work with my department to increase the number of inquiry based projects students are exposed to?

2.5. How can I help increase the morale within my area of control?

2.6. In what ways can I help struggling teachers increase student engagement within their classroom?

2.7. How can I help develop training for new science teachers concerning lab safety and procedures?

2.8. How can teachers at my school work together to choose the PD offerings for the year? What voice can they collectively have?

2.9. How can I increase the trust between the teachers and the leadership team at my school?

3. Curriculum

3.1. How can I increase the engagement of students across the biology curriculum?

3.2. How can I develop a biology curriculum that brings local, real-world problems to the forefront?

3.3. How can I develop pathways throughout the science curriculum that leads students to take courses that are more aligned with their own passions?

3.3.1. How can I create STEM classes that bring in all aspects of the NGSS?

3.4. How can I gamify parts of my curriculum to better engage students?

4. In the classroom

4.1. How can I foster and grow a learning community that is based on collaboration?

4.2. How can I engage parents of apathetic students in a positive manner?

4.3. How can I increase and maintain more avenues for students to access 3D printing and maker spaces in my school?

4.4. How can I increase student engagement with science?

4.5. How can I connect the science classes at my school with the math classes at my school so students can see a practical application for the math they are learning?

5. Student Technology

5.1. How can I develop, increase, and maintain avenues for students to access technology outside of the school when it may not be readily available to them?

5.2. How can I increase the technology use and 21st century skill building within my department?

5.3. Where can I be the most helpful within my school surrounding technology integration?