Fluid Overload

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Fluid Overload by Mind Map: Fluid Overload

1. Excessive salt intake

2. Interstitial to plasma fluid shift

3. Heart Failure

4. Excessive intake of fluids

5. Cardiac Dysrhyhmias

6. Edema

7. Polyuria

8. Fluid and Electrolytes

9. Education on the early S/S asociated with fluid overload

10. Fluid restrictions

11. 2g Sodium Diet

12. Mobility

13. Daily Weights

14. Increasing O2 would promote better perfusion throughout the entire body

15. Give O2 through NRB or Nasal Cannula

16. Shortness of Breath/Decreased O2 Stats

17. This helps increase the patients understanding of the importance of following the diet and examples of how to

18. Collaborate with dietitian to help patient understand a cardiac diet with fluid and sodium restrictions prior to discharge

19. Bloating of abdomen due to fluid retention

20. Increased muscle fatigue is associated with decreased blood flow. Exercise helps promote increased blood flow and helps lower cholesterol

21. Encourage regular exercise

22. Fatigue

23. Prevention

24. Risk Factors

25. Complications

26. Abnormal Assessment Findings