Ghosts of the Revolution

An outline of which unit does what and who leads those units.

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Ghosts of the Revolution by Mind Map: Ghosts of the Revolution

1. Armor: Phantom Guard

2. Air Wing: Wind Wraiths

3. Air Cavalry: 555th Death Angels

4. Special Operations: Daemon Legion

4.1. Strategic Strike: SHADES

4.1.1. CO: N1H1L

4.1.2. Blizzard

4.1.3. DroidBotGamma

4.2. DC: N1H1L

4.2.1. DXO: Gigantor

4.3. Rapid Response: PEST

4.3.1. CO: Gigantor

4.3.2. Mansirk

4.3.3. PJC

5. Operations Support

6. OL: Robocpf1

6.1. OXO: ???

7. Forum Support