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Ghosts of the Revolution by Mind Map: Ghosts of the Revolution
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Ghosts of the Revolution

OL: Robocpf1 OXO: ???

Air Cavalry: 555th Death Angels

Armor: Phantom Guard

Special Operations: Daemon Legion

DL: N1H1L DXO: Gigantor

Strategic Strike: SHADES

Mission: Latice Disruption and Intelligence


Rapid Response: PEST

Mission: Remote base caps, resecures, intercept, high value target gen holds. CO: Gigantor

Air Wing: Wind Wraiths

CO: Aks

Operations Support

CO: Alonzo

OL: Robocpf1

The Capo de Capo.  Teh Big Cheez.

OXO: ???

We might want to have an XO position for the outfit as a whole.  It doesn't have to be a DC.  It would help for any time Robo isn't online yet or goes afK.

Forum Support

These are the people who do not play, but are still important to us on the forums, like Sidar.