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Reading skills by Mind Map: Reading skills

1. Time to read, every day

1.1. Try to find time to read, anything, but we need put more attention on take a look on the books, and learn about it.

2. Body language

2.1. Your body for example your head and eyes would be in connection when you read

3. Try do not translate the books

3.1. Please, use the context of the read, and put your mind to work and dont traslate the meaning of the words.

4. Read all the phrases

4.1. Read all the phrases, no word by words

5. Engage your imagination

5.1. Imagine the things that you read, and creat a world about it.

6. Subvocalization

6.1. Try to say words at the same time that your reading, and practice subvocalize to read fast as you can.

7. Dont worry if you don’t understand some words

7.1. Its a process. If you start to read often you going to understand well

8. Enjoy your reading

8.1. Enjoy the time when read and you will find a passion of that.

9. Read as much as you can

9.1. Read a lot, read wherever whenever your can, find a book that you like and read it!

10. Look for a good place to read

10.1. Find a comfortable place to read, where you can pay attention at the reading

11. Use clues to make predictions

11.1. When you start to read find the way to memorize what you already read, or find some quotes or find the answers of the questions when you read.

11.2. -

12. Establish Goals

12.1. Think about a purpose to start to read, something you want to arrive or learn about to read.