E-wallet application

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E-wallet application by Mind Map: E-wallet application

1. Name

1.1. Safedon

1.2. Safe

1.2.1. To protect identities and cards

1.3. Save

1.3.1. Save money

1.4. Don (돈)

1.4.1. Korean means money

2. To save identities

2.1. Set up login passwords

2.2. One time passwords sms

2.3. Fingerprint scanning

2.4. Face scanning

2.5. Passwords

3. Set budget

3.1. Can set alarm or notification ringtone

3.1.1. Have access to 100 types of ringtone

3.1.2. Can even set favorite song as ringtone

3.2. Will notify when reach about 70% of budget expenses

4. Purpose

4.1. Can save money for future use

4.2. To lessen the possibility of being victim of theft and pickpockets

5. No need to top up credit in the e-wallet

5.1. Can even pay banks of any loans from the wallet

5.2. Can link to bank cards

5.3. The balance in the account will straightaway reflect

6. Less heavy spending

6.1. Can plan the budget for every month

6.2. Will straightaway update if spending is relevant to the budget plan

6.3. Users are immediately notified when some part of budget is spent

7. Can pay literally for everything

7.1. Food, entertainment etc etc...

7.2. Bills: water bills, electricity bills

7.3. Even car fines

8. Identities or cards would not be stolen

8.1. Is secured very tightly

8.2. User will have to set up more than 1 login process to be able to use the app