The best way for read.

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The best way for read. by Mind Map: The best way for read.

1. 1. You dont fell tired

1.1. If you tired dont read because your mind will not receive good your reading.

1.2. On the contrary, it will reject itt and you will not to do it again.

2. 2. Read little

2.1. If you dont read ofetn.

2.2. *Read something that catches your atention.

2.3. Read 3 or 4 pag per day.

3. 3. Look for a best place

3.1. Try you find a gread place for read with a environment fill up of peace.

3.2. This will help you acquire more concentration.

4. 4. Ask yourself about the book

4.1. Always read the description of the book.

4.2. Then you will know what you will read.

4.3. Ask yourself about the title,subtitles and chapters, so you will arouse interest in this.

5. 5. How to use the body when you read?

5.1. Try not to move your head when you read, this causes fatigue.

5.2. Read fluentlyin a low voice because your eyes and mind read more fast that your mouth.

6. 6. Dont worry if you dont get it everything

6.1. Dont go back when you read, only when you need make a connection.

6.2. if you dont understand a word, you can enclose it and move on.

6.3. You can also use the context to get it words.

7. 7. Enjoy reading

7.1. Reading is enjoy, follow all these recommendations to develop this beautiful habit the sirves us for a lifetime.

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