US Government

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US Government by Mind Map: US Government

1. Standard

1.1. 3.2 Explain the constitutional principles of federalism, separation of powers, the system of checks and balances, republican government or representative democracy, and popular sovereignty; provide examples of these principles in the governments of the United States and the state of Indiana.

1.1.1. Separation of powers Three Branches of Government? Executive Legislative Judicial After explaining three branches, go more into depth of why there is only three and why it was important that the government was founded on it. Make a quiz over the subject

1.1.2. Checks and Balances Executive Branch Check on Legislative Branch? Checks on Judicial Branch? Legislative Branch Check on Executive branch Check on Judicial Branch? Judicial Branch Check on Legislative Branch Check on Executive Branch Why are checks and balances a huge part of the government? Why was this made? Power over another?