Toronto Greenbelt

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Toronto Greenbelt by Mind Map: Toronto Greenbelt

1. Purpose

1.1. The Greenbelt is to protect key environmentally sensitive land.

2. Benefits

2.1. Environmental Quality

2.1.1. Clean Water

2.1.2. Healthy local foods

2.2. Agricultural Growth

2.3. Economic Growth

2.3.1. $2.6 billion dollars worth of benefits

3. Current State of Project

3.1. Established 2005

3.2. 1.8 million acres

3.3. Provides:

4. Sources

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5. More development needed at Southern Ontario

6. Thesis

6.1. The Toronto Greenbelt should be further developed to allow economic and agricultural growth, as well as increasing the quality of the environment

6.1.1. Controlling Ideas