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SPACE by Mind Map: SPACE

1. How connected are we to people from over across the world?

1.1. Lots of, even if we don't know it

2. Connections

2.1. Unfinished

2.2. Not in an anthropocentic way of thinking

2.3. Don't need agency

2.4. Everywhere and all the time

2.5. Semantic

2.5.1. Way to give and persive meanings

2.6. Material

2.6.1. Physical aspects of reality

3. Everything is SPACE

3.1. All the things can provide meaning, not just a human being can do it


4.1. Very temporaly

4.1.1. 'Borders fall and new borders get up'

4.2. Re-territorialization

4.2.1. Always in change, never finished action

4.3. "If it is now recognized that people have multiple identities then the same point can be made in relation to places" (Massey, 1991, pág. 28)

4.4. "[...] the globalisation of social relations is yer another source of (the reproduction of) geographical uneven development, and thus of the uniqueness of place" (Massey, 1991, pág. 29)