Coding in the Classroom PD Session 1

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Coding in the Classroom PD Session 1 by Mind Map: Coding in the Classroom  PD Session 1

1. Learning outcomes:

1.1. Learn how to promote student creativity

1.1.1. Learn how to foster problem-solving skills Learn how to encourage your students to be active in their learning Learn how to promote collaboration with your students

2. Coding activities:

2.1. Hour of Code


2.2.1. CodeHS

3. Why coding is Important:

3.1. Builds skills students can use in the future

3.1.1. Helps with academic success across the curriculum Increases student engagement in the classroom

4. Timeline:

4.1. 4 PD sessions during the 2020-2021 school year-introduction to coding and programming & lesson building

4.1.1. 4 PD sessions during the 2021-2022 school year- integrating coding/programming content specific activities 2022-2023 school year- continued opportunities to share activities/assistance with integration during PD sessions

5. Assessment:

5.1. Teacher survey

5.1.1. Classroom observations Student productivity