Cultivating Creativity: Ideation

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Cultivating Creativity: Ideation by Mind Map: Cultivating Creativity: Ideation

1. Brainstorming

1.1. IDEO Rules

1.1.1. Defer judgment

1.1.2. Encourage wild ideas

1.1.3. Build on the ideas of others

1.1.4. Stay focused on the topic

1.1.5. One conversation at a time

1.1.6. Be visual

1.1.7. Go for quantity

1.2. Set a time limit

1.3. Start with...

1.3.1. A point of view

1.3.2. A "How might we..."

1.3.3. A goal or priority

1.4. For Introverts (Allison Press, IDEO)

1.4.1. Silent Circuit Write down ideas around the room and walk around and add to it (one session)

1.4.2. Musical Chairs Write down ideas and swap chairs whenever music plays (one session)

1.4.3. Get to the Bottom of the Stack Go through a full stack of post-it notes (1–2 hours)

1.4.4. Office Hours Like the UX Café idea!!! (5–10m a day) Agile UX

1.4.5. The Slow Build Post a question in a shared space, and let people add to it (a few days)

2. Brainwriting

2.1. Write down your own ideas, pass it on, and build on the ideas altogether

3. Brainwalking

3.1. Write down your own ideas, before getting up and move to other spots and tables to discuss or add

4. Braindumping

4.1. Dump all the ideas at first before returning to evaluate

4.2. Diverge/Converge

4.3. Think-Pair-Share

4.4. 3-10 minutes alone; 3-10 minutes together

5. Selecting Ideas

5.1. Affinity Diagrams

5.2. Voting (Feasibility and Impact)

5.3. How-Now-Wow

5.4. Evaluation Matrix

5.5. Pass/Fail Evaluation

5.6. SWOT