All About Jireh

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All About Jireh by Mind Map: All About Jireh

1. Who

1.1. Past?

1.1.1. Full Filipino however was born and raised in Edmonton so not too familiar with the culture

1.1.2. Hyper and really loud, really like to do all kinds of sports as well as liked to sing and dance

1.1.3. Did 4 years of ballet, 2 years of ice skating, 2 years of cheer leading and lots of sports during the school year

1.2. Present?

1.2.1. Currently a student at the UofA

1.2.2. The middle child and only girl. Have an older and a younger brother

1.2.3. Adventurous and a risk taker

1.2.4. Friendly and nice to everyone around me, like to make friends

1.3. Future

1.3.1. Hopefully a future Registered Nurse

1.3.2. Living in Seattle or somewhere other then Edmonton to be able to explore the world

2. What

2.1. Hobbies?

2.1.1. Singing

2.1.2. Dancing

2.1.3. Exploring

2.2. Free time?

2.2.1. Hang out with friends

2.2.2. Watching movies

2.2.3. Watching Shows

2.2.4. Reading an interesting book

2.3. Favorites?

2.3.1. Food: Pizza and Chicken Nuggets

2.3.2. Movie: The Dark Knight

2.3.3. Book: Eleanor and Park

2.3.4. Person: My boyfriend

2.3.5. COFFEE

2.4. Hate?

2.4.1. Olives

2.4.2. Germs

2.4.3. M&Ms

2.4.4. Working

2.5. Fears?

2.5.1. Being Kidnapped

2.5.2. Porta Potties

2.5.3. Germs

2.5.4. Horror Movies

3. Where

3.1. Born?

3.1.1. Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta

3.2. Traveled to?

3.2.1. Been to the United States

3.2.2. All across Canada

3.3. School?

3.3.1. Went to school at Jasper Place High School before starting school at the UofA

3.3.2. Currently a Student at the University of Alberta

3.4. Work?

3.4.1. I currently work at Scotia bank Theater as a cast member

4. When

4.1. Work?

4.1.1. Started working at Cineplex on December 2016

4.2. School?

4.2.1. Started school at University of Alberta September 2019

4.2.2. Graduated June 2018

4.3. Volunteer?

4.3.1. Started Volunteering at Misericordia Hospital August 2019

5. Why

5.1. Personality?

5.1.1. I like adventures so my personality is very outgoing and risk taking

5.1.2. Sometimes shy, depending on the person

5.1.3. Very caring, I like seeing other people happy

5.2. Nursing?

5.2.1. My mom influenced me

5.2.2. I enjoy seeing other people happy and caring for them

5.2.3. Different types of nursing so there is always a variety