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Media Team by Mind Map: Media Team

1. Customer Support

1.1. Helping customers find footage in realtime

1.2. Assisting customer support with customer questions

2. Organizing Data and Legal Documents

2.1. Kantree

2.2. Jira

2.3. Scrum and Sprints

2.3.1. Meetings

2.3.2. Scrum philosophy

2.4. Legal Document Organization

3. Publishing and Metadata

3.1. Journey of the Footage - From Concept to On AIr

3.1.1. Before footage gets to us Recruitment or applications Contracts with Filmmaker Our User Agreement Uploads Legal Check Quality Check Suspended clips

3.1.2. Our work Titles or TItles and Tags Putting On AIr Adding metadata Category Staff Picks, Top 200, Collections

3.2. Daily Work

3.2.1. Why we publish footage

3.2.2. Why we add metadata Sarchability Discoverability

3.2.3. Titles and Tags Group Kantree Titles and Tags Backlog Doing Titles and Tags with Kantree Doing RTA Check with Kantree On Air with Kantree Finishing Stories in "On Air P1" list Checking for Errors with Kantree The Work Itself Titling clips Tagging clips Tagging clips hacks and tricks Titling clips hacks and tricks Ready to Air check Putting On AIr Tagging stories that were not originally tagged when put on air Fixing Live stories

3.2.4. Categories and Rates Group Kantree Determining stories to work on with the team Adding technical categories Adding themes Adding ratings On Air P2 Adding stories to "final done" list Fixing old stories Fixing technicals Fixing themes Fixing ratings

4. Marketing and Branding

4.1. How we help by what we publish

4.2. Sending footage to marketing

4.3. Giving feedback on design and on creative and marketing campaigns

5. Helping In House and External Know What to Shoot

5.1. Reading and gaining insight from download info

6. Improving Our Work

6.1. Reading and gaining insight from customer searches

6.2. Definition of Done

6.3. Daily Scrums

6.4. Sprint Retrospective

6.5. Sprint Planning

6.6. Analyzing competitors

6.7. Reading and gaining insight from customer feedback reports

6.8. Improving software

7. Footage Management

7.1. Helping identify and solve issues with the footage

7.1.1. Legal issues

7.1.2. Technical issues

7.1.3. Download issues