Habits of successful students

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Habits of successful students by Mind Map: Habits of successful students

1. Passion

1.1. The students had found a major that was interesting and important to them.

1.2. Most university students change their major in the first two years, in the process of discovering their passion.

1.3. This passion can be a source of energy and motivation for academic work.

2. Social Support

2.1. Get involved with other people.

2.2. Spend time with their friends

2.3. Put energy into their important relationships.

3. Talk to Professors

3.1. Say Hello!

3.2. Posted Office Hours.

3.3. Ask Questions in and after Class.

4. Organization

4.1. Be organized.

4.2. Different people need different approaches.

4.3. Define a method that keeps you on top of your assignments and helps you prepare in advance for projects and exams.

5. Strategic & Resourceful

5.1. Think about types of skills that you may need to develop to be more successful.

5.2. Utilize both your internal resourcefulness and ask about other resources that may be available.

5.3. It's OK to ask for assistance

6. Balance

6.1. Get sleep, exercise, eat properly, and spend time with people you care about and on your other interests.

6.2. Keep your energy up by maintaining all the important parts of your life.

7. Committed

7.1. Make a commitment to do what it takes to be successful.

7.2. Make a commitment to yourself to be successful in all aspects of your university experience.

8. By:Alejandra Stephany Monroy Parrales and Gustavo Oliver Pérez García