Reading Skills Tips to get it:

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Reading Skills Tips to get it: by Mind Map: Reading Skills Tips to get it:

1. Find the best time of day to read.

1.1. ¿When?

1.1.1. When you're not tired.

1.2. ¿Where?

1.2.1. In a comfortable place with good lighting.

2. Costumes of a good reader.

2.1. Movement of only eyes when reading.

2.1.1. ¿How to achieve it? As a technique, you can rest your elbows on the table and rest your head in your hands to continue reading with your eyes and not moveing your lips.

2.2. Visualize what you read.

3. Before reading the text ask yourself questions.

3.1. ¿As wich?

3.1.1. ¿Why is reading important to you?

3.1.2. ¿I want specific or general information ?

3.1.3. ¿What is the purpose of the text?

4. Try no translate.

4.1. ¿Why?

4.1.1. Its slows the reading process.

4.2. Try to guess the word.

4.2.1. ¿How? Use the context of everything around you.

5. Don't worry about understanding all the words.

6. Enjoy reading.

7. Read as much as you can.