Collaborative Technology

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Collaborative Technology by Mind Map: Collaborative Technology

1. Marie

1.1. Mindmeister

1.1.1. Allows everyone to see each others ideas and contribute

1.1.2. Helps with outlines and work distribution

1.1.3. everyone can be on the application at once

2. Esther

2.1. Zoho

2.1.1. Similar to Google docs

2.1.2. Helps with organization

2.1.3. One stop shop

3. Sika

3.1. Doodle

3.1.1. Takes the

3.1.2. hassle out of

3.1.3. scheduling connect to calender and address books

4. Teresha

4.1. Silde Rocket

4.1.1. add slides to library for future use

4.1.2. You can access anywhere

4.1.3. free version is limited

4.1.4. able to search flickr and youtube for pics and videos Record audio to presentation