Emerald Indigenous Ultimate Disc

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Emerald Indigenous Ultimate Disc by Mind Map: Emerald Indigenous Ultimate Disc

1. Fields

1.1. Someone from Brisbane to bring port-a-fields

1.2. Book

2. Expenses

2.1. Fly players over to Emerald

2.1.1. Flights Why? Click on note at the right Ask airline to book seats now and provide passengers' names later. How? Through application for funding from AFDA grant + QUDA + Rio Tinto's Aboriginal Community Development Fund (+ IUA?? or you can help us to write the applications??)

2.1.2. Min 21 max 42 players

2.1.3. No billets provided Players pay their accommodation Grants + Funds help to pay accommodation

2.1.4. Uniforms Ask 1 to 6 players from Brisbane to be in charge of collecting 6 sets of 7 shirts for their teams and get them back to the owners in good conditions.

2.1.5. Teams Assuming we can fly them up here, that is, we get the funding required, then a formal process of registration through AFDA would be helpful.

2.1.6. No tournament food provided, only sausage sizzle available to players and visitors during the day

2.2. Other

2.2.1. Sausage sizzle food

2.2.2. Sausage Sizzle cooks

2.2.3. Marketing Specific Banners with local contact details Specific Event Fliers and posters Newspapers