General Concepts

My computer network notes.

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General Concepts by Mind Map: General Concepts

1. Layering

2. Encapsulation

3. 4 layer model

3.1. The link layer

3.1.1. ARP

3.1.2. NDP

3.1.3. Ethernet Error Detection - CRC Error Correction Hamming Code Reed Solomon Code Packet Switching How it works (Notes are included in the part for IP ps) Routing Spanning Tree Protocol MAC Protocols ALOHA CSMA/CD Token Passing Link

3.1.4. Wireless How it is different from wired internet CSMA-CA RTS/CTS

3.1.5. Concepts Shannon Capacity Modulation ASK FSK BER and Coding Gain Clock Asynchronous communication synchronous communication IP Fragmentation

3.2. The network layer

3.2.1. Internet Protocol Properties Datagram Packet Switching Principle Circuit Switching VS Packet Switching Terminology Queue Model How it works. Priority and guaranteed flow rates guaranteed delay CIDR&LPM Error Detection - Checksum Routing Approaches Algorithms Hirachy IPv6

3.2.2. ATM

3.3. Between Network Layer and Transport Layer

3.3.1. ICMP

3.4. The transport layer

3.4.1. TCP Service Model Segment Format Error Detection - Checksum TCP FSM TCP Flow Control Stop and Wait Sliding Window Congestion Control Goals What is congestion? Max-Min Fairness Approaches AIMD TCP Tahoe TCP Reno

3.4.2. UDP Service Model Datagram Format

3.5. Between Transport Layer and application layer

3.5.1. TLS Error Detection - MAC

3.6. The application Layer

3.6.1. NAT

3.6.2. HTTP HTTP 1.0 HTTP 1.1 Keep Alive SPDY/HTTP 2.0

3.6.3. BitTorrent Swarms Rarest-First Tit-for-tat

3.6.4. DNS

3.6.5. DHCP

4. The End-to-End principle

5. Security