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Maths Week by Mind Map: Maths Week

1. English

1.1. Slogan/Tagline Competition

1.2. Maths poetry

1.3. Maths stories

2. Gaeilge

2.1. Scéilte, dánta & rannta bunaithe ar Mata

3. S.E.S.E.

3.1. History

3.1.1. Important events in time during the maths week

3.1.2. Famous mathematicians

3.1.3. Egyptian/Roman mathematics

3.2. Geography

3.2.1. Other countries' methods of calculation

3.3. Science

3.3.1. Competition for the heaviest potato

3.3.2. Demonstrate the link between maths and science

4. Music

4.1. Teach a new tune using the number method

5. Maths

5.1. How many ways can you make the number 2014

5.2. Children invite parents to maths games session

5.3. Display maths problems on maths board

5.4. Display items of 1kg in weight on table beneath maths board

5.5. Specific maths games times to be timetabled if wanted

5.6. Work sheets to be provided if requested

5.7. Maths websites, mathletics etc. to be highlighted

6. S.P.H.E.

6.1. Children to develop their own puzzles

6.2. Food pyramid etc.

7. Religion

7.1. Demonstration of particular relevant numbers, e.g. 3

8. Drama

8.1. Role play based on the shop, restaurant

9. P.E.

9.1. Maths Trail Around the school

9.2. Maths Treasure Hunt

10. Art

10.1. Poster Competition

10.2. Models of 3 D shapes

10.3. Metre cube from newspapers

10.4. Create a display to show the idea of 100, e.g. pasta shells

11. L.S./Lang. S

11.1. Counting in different languages