Student Laptop and Internet Rules EDEC 203

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Student Laptop and Internet Rules EDEC 203 by Mind Map: Student Laptop and Internet Rules EDEC 203

1. consequences

1.1. points taken away

1.2. no in class work time

1.3. have to provide your own computer

1.4. desk turned for screen to face teacher

1.5. no computer work allowed

2. What can you do with laptops

2.1. Research

2.2. communicate

2.3. submit

2.4. grade

2.5. explore

2.6. assignments

2.7. surf

3. When to use laptops when unrelated to course

3.1. allowed break time

3.2. before class

3.3. after class

3.4. permission

3.5. If student finishes pre-determined coursework early

4. laptop care

4.1. hold with two hands

4.2. do not have food or drink

4.3. walk

4.4. put back in charging doc.

4.5. shut down when done

4.6. hold by base only

5. downloading and installation

5.1. check computer settings

5.2. check with teacher first

5.3. make sure it is apporporiate for assignment

5.4. make sure you have secure internet connection