How To Generate Zero Income With Your Published Work Online

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How To Generate Zero Income With Your Published Work Online by Mind Map: How To Generate Zero Income With Your Published Work Online

1. 1. You Don’t Spend Resources on Marketing

1.1. Get your articles to rank on Google and have more external views.

1.2. SEO is still king

1.3. Have a mailing list

1.4. Have a website

1.5. Post ads and promote your website in social media

1.6. Position yourself as an expert on the topic

1.7. Discuss in forums and groups

1.8. Use Linkedin and Quora

2. 2. You Copy Someone Else

2.1. Don't copy from people you admire

2.2. Adapt it to be of your voice, based on your own experiences.

2.3. Never pretend to be someone you’re not. You may not realize this, but you don’t need to be extraordinary to have a voice.

2.4. People don’t listen to extraordinary people anyway. People want to buy from people they feel they can relate to.

3. 3. You Don’t Capitalize on What Makes You Human

3.1. Create authentic content based on your experience

3.2. People buy from people.

3.3. Tell personal stories. Be relatable.

3.4. Create content to help other humans and not for profit

3.5. Think about what all humans do instinctively. Think about our senses, our needs and desires. Create content for that.

3.6. Make it obvious to your client that, like them, you’re human.

4. 4. You Stop Without Even Trying

4.1. Persevere

4.2. Any content you build online will have a slow adoption curve.

4.3. In the first 2 to 3 years, you’re still in the Early Adopter phase. Don't give up or you lose 84% of the people you could reach out to.

5. 5. You Only Publish Your Best Work

5.1. Don't be a perfectionist

5.2. The more you publish, the better you get at it.

5.3. Become a better writer faster by daring to put out something unrefined.

5.4. Every piece top writers write is not their best work.

5.5. Is your content 80% good? Publish it. The next one will be better.

6. 6. You Don’t Make Friends With Other Creators in Your Space

6.1. The more creators you know in your space, the more they influence you. The more influence you’ll build yourself.

6.2. Be part of groups of like-minded creators. They advise each other. They share successes and failures.

6.3. No creator succeeds as a lone wolf.

6.4. How to create a mastermind group with like-minded creators.

7. 7. You Think You’re All It

7.1. The real influential creators are people just like you. They’re still figuring things out. And it’s because of that they’re at the top.

7.2. There’s no such thing as being the expert. You can’t truly master anything.

7.3. There’s no such thing as a ceiling. You can always break the limits, as limits are imaginary to begin with.

7.4. People who know know that they know nothing.

8. 8. You’re Not Consistent

8.1. Publish content more than once a day.

8.2. Make it a habit. Habits prevent procrastination.

8.3. Your audience needs expectations on when they’ll hear back from you.

9. 9. You Don’t Create for Your Audience

9.1. Don't create content you are passionate about but for your audience

9.2. You may not believe me, but most people create for themselves first. Dare to be a little selfless.

9.3. Find traits in people who react to your content.

10. 10. Your Goal Is to Make Money

10.1. If you focus on money, you’ll overlook all of the points above, especially point number one.

10.2. Money is a side-effect of doing good work.

10.3. Getting recognition from my audience strongly helps me create more good things for them.

10.3.1. That, in turn, generates me more money.

10.4. Try to balance things that will generate money for you in the short term and long term

10.5. Creating content online is a long-term game.

10.6. Don’t bet on this to be your main money-maker until you’re been consistent at publishing quality content for years.