The Romans Create a Republic

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The Romans Create a Republic by Mind Map: The Romans Create a Republic

1. The Beginnings of Rome

1.1. 753 B.C.

1.1.1. according to legend it was Founded by Romulus and Remus.

1.2. 1000-500 B.C.

1.2.1. three groups battled for the area, the latins, the greeks, and the Etruscans

1.3. 750-600 B.C.

1.3.1. Greek settlers established 50 colonies in italy.

2. The Early Republic

2.1. Patricians and Plebeians

2.1.1. these two groups struggled for power in rome. Patricians eventaully won power

2.2. Twelve tablets

2.2.1. in 451 B.C. a group of 10 people established a written law code

2.3. Governement under the republic

2.3.1. Rome had two officials called counsul, also had a sentate of 300 members. appointed dictator in time of crisis

2.4. The roman army

2.4.1. The roman legion was made up of 5000 heavily armed foot soldiers

3. Rome Spreads its Power

3.1. Rome conquers Italy

3.1.1. In 265 b.c. the romans controlled all of italy, but it grew much further

3.2. Romes commercial network

3.2.1. location gave easy access to the rich lands ringing the Mediterranean Sea

3.3. War with Carthage

3.3.1. went to war in 264 B.C., three Punic wars later happened, Carthage was set on fire and 50000 people were sent into slavery

3.4. Rome controls the Mediterranean

3.4.1. by 70 B.C. Romes empire streched from Anatolia on the east to spain on the west