Power of the volunteering

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Power of the volunteering by Mind Map: Power of the volunteering

1. Definition

1.1. Dating back to 1851

1.2. Having an altruistic activity

1.3. The backbone of non-profit organization across the US

2. Taking part in

2.1. Formal type

2.1.1. A long-term volunteering

2.1.2. Involving delivering services

2.2. Informal type

2.2.1. A less defined form of volunteering

2.2.2. Including community volunteering

2.3. Social action type

2.3.1. Bringing people with common interests

3. Roles

3.1. Making more employable

3.2. Feeling better

3.3. Learning new skills

3.4. Making new friends

4. Meaning

4.1. Gaining skills, experience ,friendships

4.2. Making a difference

4.3. Influencing others’ lives