Wiltshire Crime: How To Stay Safe in Salisbury

Crime that has occurred in Salisbury, and how you can prevent becoming a victim.

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Wiltshire Crime: How To Stay Safe in Salisbury by Mind Map: Wiltshire Crime: How To Stay Safe in Salisbury

1. Burglary

1.1. Burglary is when a person enters a house with intent to steal

1.2. There were 27 burglaries in December 2011 alone

1.3. Stay safe by keeping valuables out of sight - Don't leave empty boxes outside your house as this advertises new purchases to potential thieves

2. Anti-social Behaviour

2.1. This includes personal and environmental nuisance

2.2. There were 184 reports of antisocial behaviour during December 2011

2.3. Street Watch

2.4. Safer Communities is made up of two small specialist teams, Crime Reduction and Anti-Social Behaviour Reduction. Click the arrow for further information

2.5. If you are a victim of anti-social behaviour, click the link to fill out an Anti-social Behaviour Reporting Form

3. Criminal Damage and Arson

3.1. Criminal damage to buildings and vehicles and deliberate damage by fire

3.2. In December 2011, there were 60 reported cases of criminal damage and arson

3.3. To keep your home and vehicles safe, leave lights and a radio on timer - if the house is empty this will give the impression somebody is home.

4. Shoplifting

4.1. There were 34 cases of shoplifting reported in December 2011 alone.

4.2. Pickpockets operate in busy places, especially shopping outlets. Keep your purse or wallet close to your body and carry a debit card rather than cash to avoid losses. Never leave shopping bags unattended.

5. Violent Crime

5.1. Includes offences such as common assualt, Grievous Bodily Harm and sexual offences

5.2. There were 27 cases of violent crime during the month of December 2011

5.3. When you are going out at night, ensure that you plan the evening - book a taxi home and share with friends. Drink responsibly and never accept drinks from people you don't know.

6. FACTS: The Statistics

6.1. Wiltshire vs England & Wales: Crime per 1000

6.2. There were 443 reported cases of criminal activity in Salisbury in December 2011

7. Age UK

7.1. Did you know?

7.1.1. Half of over 75's are too scared to go out after dark due to the belief that they will be a victim of mugging or subject to verbal abuse.

7.1.2. 61% of older people said there is not enough policing in their area

7.1.3. Over 2 million older people a victim of crime every year