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Rupert Murdoch by Mind Map: Rupert Murdoch

1. Murdoch's empire, however, was dealt a significant blow in 2011.

1.1. His London tabloid, The News of the World, was caught up in a phone hacking scandal. Several editors and journalists were brought up on charges for illegally accessing the voicemails of some of Britain's leading figures. Rupert himself was called to testify that same year, and he shut down The News of the World. News Corp later paid damages to some of individuals who were hacked.

2. Main Characteristics

2.1. Murdoch inherited his father's papers, the Sunday Mail and the News, and continued to purchase other media outlets over the years. In the 1970s, he started buying American newspapers.

2.2. "I was brought up in a publishing home, a newspaper man's home, and was excited by that, I suppose. I saw that life at close range, and after the age of 10 or 12 never really considered any other."

2.3. Inherited his fathers papers at age 22.

3. Significance on the Media

3.1. He quickly converted the News into a chronicle of crime, sex and scandal, and while these changes were controversial, the paper's circulation soared.

3.2. In 1985, he purchased 20th Century Fox Film Corporation as well as several independent television stations and consolidated these companies into Fox, Inc.—which has since become a major American television network.

3.3. Despite this scandal, News Corp retains a significant share of virtually all forms of media across the globe.

4. Bibliography

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4.2. Rupert Murdoch

5. the founder and head of News Corporation, a global media conglomerate.

6. His Empire

6.1. Murdoch branched out into entertainment with the purchase of 20th Century Fox Film Corp. in 1985, and later sparked transformation of the cable TV landscape by introducing Fox News. y.

6.1.1. Four years after restructuring his empire into two divisions, 21st Century Fox Inc. and News Corp., Murdoch in 2017 sold much of 21st Century Fox to the Walt Disney Company.

6.2. In the fall of 1968, Murdoch moved to London and purchased popular Sunday tabloid The News of the World.

6.3. One year later, he purchased another struggling daily tabloid, the Sun, and again oversaw a successful transformation with his formula of reporting heavily on sex, sports and crime.

6.3.1. The Sun also attracted readers by including pictures of topless women in its infamous "Page 3" feature.

6.4. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Murdoch acquired news outlets around the globe at a dizzying pace. In the United States, he bought up the Chicago Sun-Times, the Village Voice and New York magazine. In England, he acquired the eminently respectable Times and Sunday Times of London.

6.4.1. It was also during these years that Murdoch began expanding his media empire into television and entertainment

6.5. In 2005, he purchased Intermix Media, the owner of the popular social networking site

6.6. Two years later, in 2007, purchased Dow Jones, the owner of the Wall Street Journal.

7. Who is he?

7.1. He created Fox Broadcasting Company in 1986.

7.2. His father, Keith Murdoch, was a well-known Australian journalist who owned a number of local and regional newspapers: the Herald in Melbourne, the Courier-Mail in Brisbane and the News and Sunday Mail.

8. Personal Life

8.1. Rupert Murdoch married Patricia Booker in 1956. They had a daughter, Prudence, before divorcing in 1965. He married Anna Torv in 1967, and they had four children before eventually divorcing in 1999. Only 17 days after his second divorce, Murdoch married his third wife, Wendi Deng. They have two children.

8.2. Murdoch filed for divorce from Deng in June 2013, citing that the "relationship between husband and wife had broken down irretrievably" in court papers. The news of the split came as a surprise to some, but there were some rumors of trouble in the marriage in recent years. The divorce became final in 2014.

8.3. In January 2016, Murdoch became engaged to Mick Jagger's ex, Jerry Hall. The couple reportedly began seeing each other the previous summer. They tied the knot on March 4, 2016, in London.