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Active Living Research Hub by Mind Map: Active Living Research Hub

1. Who are we?

1.1. Hub of the Ageing Well Research Group

1.1.1. Areas of interest? multiple and not required to be defined

1.2. People

1.2.1. Open to all Anyone with an interest in active living research and practice measurement intervention exploration of the phenomenon prescription School of Health and Life Sciences Hub sits under Ageing well research group but invitation to be part of it is university-wide Number of people in different schools have already indicated interest: Glasgow School for Business and Society School of Computing, Engineering and Built Environment

2. What is our purpose?

2.1. Why are we a hub?

2.1.1. There was general support to have an Active Living Hub, and also that it was one hub (not many bits).

2.1.2. What are we trying to achieve? Place to share expertise/ ideas face to face enhance awareness of research happening across the university bargaining power for resources Department or centre for living as a source of funding for equipment and resources e.g. activpals Physical activity forum opportunities to develop collaboration and networks opportunities to disseminate research and gain supportive critical feedback

2.1.3. Internal / external drivers? opportunity to enhance perception of GCU as a 'centre for research in active living' Help to attract research students attract funding attract collaborations Need o develop an internal and external presence Provide a source of support when negotiating workload internally official meetings and records linked to activities of a research group

2.2. How do we do it?

2.2.1. Seminars/ Talks? People wanted the opportunity to hear talks and discuss things with people in a more closely aligned group. There was also talk of how to bring in PhD students to attend, and thoughts that we should organise talks for the meetings. It was suggested we could run a model like the Living with Stroke and Other Long-tern Neurological Conditions RG, where a PhD students takes ownership of organising the talks on a one year rotation.

2.2.2. regular meetings short and efficient sharing information and discussion

3. Specifically send to:

3.1. Research group leads

3.2. programme lead for DPsych Counselling

3.3. All depts in SHLS

4. Actions

4.1. Arrange regular meetings

4.1.1. 1 per month Tues or Wed not lunchtime (11-2) Starting from April 2020

4.2. Arrange talks

4.2.1. at least 2 per month Contact supervisors and students to ask for volunteers for talks Danny first first meeting in April 1st week

4.2.2. 15 min talks and discussion to follow

4.2.3. Cakes/ baking and refreshments are essential Contact students and ask for someone to coordinate this Role: Hub Facilitator - Refreshments

4.2.4. PhD student to lead/ support from cfl admin / group support Contact PhD students and look for volunteers Role: Hub Facilitator - Content Coordinator

4.2.5. Aim for range of topics and demonstrate breadth of work going on

4.2.6. Encourage research students to be main presenters

4.3. create dropbox/ central resource

4.3.1. place to share timetable

4.3.2. place to collect and save minutes common documents

4.3.3. Requested setup of new Caledonian blog site for AL Research Hub

4.4. Share plan and meeting timetable with other research groups and departments

4.5. Ask Jo Booth about any specific requirements for the hub

5. Meeting Notes

5.1. 1st December 2020

5.1.1. Attendees Present Seb Chastin, Philippa Dal, Nicola Roberts, Ukachukwu Abaraogu, Chris Seenan Apologies Dawn Skelton, Elaine Duncan, Ben Stansfield, Joanna McParland

5.1.2. Agenda Review notes from previous meeting Discuss plan for hub

5.1.3. Notes Reviewed previous discussion and suggested aims/ function of the hub Agreed that previously established description of hub and general aims were still valid and appropriate Organising research talks focused around active living research Regular seminars 'In conversation' events Shared goals/ mission and vision for Hub? Discussion around whether the hub should create some shared goals to work towards

5.2. 13th January 2021

5.2.1. Notes Upcoming activity Dawn is planning two grant applications, one with care home residents (a resubmission). School stock of activity monitors: Danny put in a bid for activity monitors last year in response to the request for suggestions of left over REG funding. Status unknown. Currently the school has no working activPALs for student use. There are some research activPALs which may be available. Potential for research that does not involve face to face contact: Discussed the probable need to change focus to research that does not involve face-to-face contact. Fred suggested potential to review web-content of physical activity interventions. Dawn cautioned that this may not be feasible/accepted by the websites. Philippa noted that ICAMPAM conference is due to be virtual this year and taking place on the 23rd and 24th June. Deadline for abstracts = 22nd April and suggested it might be a good option for any students with PA type projects.

5.2.2. Attendees Present Philipa Dall, Danny Rafferty, Dawn Skelton, Frederike van Wijck

5.3. 2nd February 2021

5.3.1. Notes Updates All present provided updates on personal projects and activities Virtual ICAMPAM Potential project reviewing online content Discussed the potential to conduct review/ research on online content related to PA. Philippa and Danny fedback about previous discussion and how it is not as simple a process as possibly thought. School stock of activity monitors revisited limited stock of activity monitors- no further update. research-based stock still available Hub seminar / events discussed All present still in favour of 'conversation/ debate' style rather than expert seminar. Hub Web presence Nicola noted that creating a wordpress site is not too onerous Discussed action to create website for hub

5.3.2. Attendees Present Dawn Skelton, Danny rafferty, Philippa Dall, Nicola Roberts, Sivaram Shanmugamkumar, Ukachukwu Abaraogu, Chris Seenan

5.4. 3rd March 2021

5.4.1. Attendees Present Philippa Dall, Danny Rafferty, Ukachukwu Abaraogu Apologies Chris Seenan

5.4.2. Notes Updates Danny has submitted the funding request for monitors, but not heard back yet. Danny is planning to work to expend data analysis conducted by last year’s MSc pre-reg students, with a view to working it up for publication. Ukay, has been accepted as a member of the Cochrane group ECR steering group. The last of Ukay’s Cohcrane reviews is now at draft stage for review. Martin Pursley (graduated from BSc Physiotherapy last year) was awarded one of the GCU application spots for the Carnegie PhD grants, with a project on co-creation of interventions to increase physical activity in people with Intermittent Claudication. The application was submitted last week. Monserrat and Aye passed their PhD viva’s recently – congratulations to both Hub seminar / events Danny suggested that Andy Kerr would be a suitable speaker. Ukay suggested a Canadian physiotherapist (Elizabeth Dean ?Ukay is this name correct?) who has been working with COVID. Danny and Ukay will contact them to ask is they would be willing to speak. ACTION: All. It was suggested that every member should try and think of one person who might speak, to generate a pool of potential speakers. We suggested that we might advertise wider than the Active Living Hub for some talks – to make sure there was a reasonable audience for speakers. Dates for meetings No current dates for further meetings Inter-hub sharing The workplace wellness hub has a talk arranged for 14:00-15:00 on Thursday 29th April – feel free to attend if you are interested. Dr Elaine Wainwright, Reader in Occupational Health Psychology at Bath Spa University, will be giving a talk with the title: What is ‘Good’ work for people living with persistent pain? Why should we take a lifespan development approach?

5.5. 6th April 2021

5.5.1. Notes News round Emmanuelle now leads a group in social sciences about sports and physical activity; about to start a project on menopause and physical activity; happy to help with projects with qualitative dimensions/aspects. Danny updated on the funding success to refurbish the movement lab which is now open and can be used according to the GCU COVID 19 protocol. Ukay updated on their accepted paper ‘Effects of regular physical activity on the immune system, vaccination and risk of community acquired infectious disease in the general population: Systematic review and meta-analysis’ (Led by Seb) other GCU authors include Ukay, Philippa, Elaine, Joanna, and Nicola Speakers for meetings Emmanuelle agreed to talk to us about her work/project on physical activity and menopause

5.5.2. Attendees Present Emmanuelle Tulle, Danny Rafferty, Ukachukwu Abaraogu Apologies Chris Seenan

5.6. 4th May 2021

5.6.1. Notes News Round Website Created document and draft content for webpage. Group are to add their own information/ projects. Send to Karen before next AWRG meeting Speakers for meetings Emmanuelle gave a talk about her new project exploring peri- and post-menopause and the intersections of culture, physical activity, sport, communication

5.6.2. Attendees Present Emmanuelle Tulle, Danny Rafferty, Philippa Dall, Chris Seenan Apologies

5.7. 1st June 2021

5.7.1. Notes News round Website Talks

5.7.2. Attendees Present Apologies Chris Seenan

5.8. 5th October 2021

5.8.1. Notes News round Talks

5.8.2. Attendees Present Apologies

6. April 2022 Review

6.1. What do we want to do? Are the plans / outline of hub we started with still appropriate?

6.1.1. Do we want to achieve something tangible from hub? Publication Systematic review Analysis of secondary data? Grant application Topic?

6.1.2. Should we continue with what we are doing?

6.2. Discussion

6.2.1. Group member perspective Generally keep going with what we are doing Working well so far, just need to give it more time and more organisational input Hard to work together on publication or grant due to diverse group Have other mechanisms for this PhD/ Doctoral Student perspective Help with peer review Social media presence Expertise Structure

6.3. Summary

6.3.1. Continue with current plan but be a bit more pushy/ organised. Initial actions Create a live document and assign names to monthly sessions Send to all in group and highlight their sessions Plan meetings and send link to diaries Subsequent actions Advertise to DPT, DPsych and MSc students Record sessions for those who cannot attend Link with ReaCH for publicity / big name to publicise group