Changes in the 1920s By: Ireland, Will B., and Austin

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Changes in the 1920s By: Ireland, Will B., and Austin by Mind Map: Changes in the 1920s By: Ireland, Will B., and Austin

1. The Great Depression

2. Political

2.1. Communism

2.1.1. Communists Russia was a comunist Goverenment

2.2. Anarchy

2.2.1. Anarchists Sacco and Vanzetti Arrested

2.3. Immigration

2.3.1. Immigrants Ku Klux Klan Wanted 100% Americanism

2.3.2. Quota System Max number of people could enter the United States

2.4. Warren G Harding

2.4.1. President

2.4.2. Senator

2.4.3. Ohio Gang Presidents Poker playing cronies

2.5. Tariff

2.5.1. Fordney- McCumber Tariff Taxes Raised Taxes up by some 60%

3. Economic

3.1. The Great Depression

3.2. Soldiers struggle with unemployment

3.2.1. Those who find jobs take them from women and minorities

3.3. Farmers and factory workers suffered as wartime needs diminished

3.4. Strikes occurred in many businesses

3.4.1. Boston Police Strike Steel Mill Strike Coal Miners Strike

3.5. Standard of living soars

3.5.1. People have electricity and many other conveniences

3.5.2. People have new ways to pay Credit is used often now

4. Social

4.1. The KKK Rises again

4.1.1. Red Scare

4.1.2. Anti-Immigrant

4.1.3. "100 Percent Americanism"

4.2. Immigration is limited

4.2.1. "Keep America for Americans"

4.2.2. Anti-Immigrant attitudes grew in the United States

4.3. Prohibition

4.3.1. As alcohol is outlawed many more people get it and sell it illegally

4.3.2. Bootleggers

4.3.3. Speakeasies Alcohol was in places like this People spoke softly so they would not get caught

4.4. Flappers

4.4.1. Women got more freedom and used it Women wore shorter skirts with more makeup and shorter hair

4.4.2. Often thought to be scandalous

4.4.3. Smoked

4.4.4. Went to clubs

4.5. Urban vs. Rural

4.5.1. Many more people lived in cities

4.5.2. More than half of the people living in the U.S. lived in areas with over 2500 people

5. Technology

5.1. radios and silent movies.

5.1.1. Modern tech to see the mood of a city Helped other citizens to have free time Television Jukebox Electricity in homes Television Jukeboxes

5.2. Modern tech

5.2.1. Electricity Radio

5.2.2. Henry Ford Automobile