The 4 Skills That Lead to Long-lasting, Successful Careers

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The 4 Skills That Lead to Long-lasting, Successful Careers by Mind Map: The 4 Skills That Lead to Long-lasting, Successful Careers

1. 1. Work to get your writing skills as tight as possible

1.1. Take a few hours to clean up your profile and make some small tweaks to your outreach messaging

1.2. Possible outcomes:

1.2.1. Landing interviews by only writing a few paragraphs

1.2.2. Connecting with people you admire in a timely fashion

1.2.3. Attracting potential clients by writing persuasive articles

1.2.4. Building a reputation at work as a clear communicator

1.3. Ways to improve:

1.3.1. Study the effective writers around you and take notes of the people in your workplace who write clear and concise emails, memos, and presentations

1.3.2. Draft up messages to send to people you admire and study the ones that land you a meeting and the ones that don’t

1.3.3. Start a blog so you can hone your personal style while keeping track of your ideas that connect with your audience

1.3.4. Reserve time each week to grab a topic that interests you and journal about it to better organize your thoughts

2. 2. Become a master at interviews

2.1. Gain the confidence to clearly express who you are and what you stand for

2.2. Practice:

2.2.1. Write out your answers to the 20 most popular interview questions in your field

2.2.2. Clean up your answers and ask people whose opinion you respect to review them

2.2.3. Record yourself giving the answers until you like what you see and hear.

2.2.4. Ask a mentor or trusted friend to review a handful of your recordings and remind them to not hold back with their critique

2.2.5. Do a role-play to make sure you express yourself as well in-person as you do on camera

2.3. Do the above for about 10 to 15 hours

3. 3. Learn how to engage/manage a community

3.1. Today connection is king, not content

3.2. You’ll need the help of other people

3.2.1. Learn how to bring these people together

3.2.2. Create an environment where you lift each other as you climb together

3.2.3. Lean on others

3.2.4. Get comfortable asking for help

3.3. Join or create mastermind groups

4. 4. Get comfortable speaking in public

4.1. One of the fastest ways to improve your communication skills is by working on improving your public speaking ability

4.2. Steps:

4.2.1. Re-watch your favorite talks but instead of solely focusing on only what the speaker is saying pay attention to also how they are saying it

4.2.2. Study everything you can about how to tell a compelling story

4.2.3. Spend an afternoon writing out a handful of your favorite stories

4.2.4. Record yourself telling these stories while incorporating the learnings you have acquired

4.2.5. Recruit a public speaking buddy to practice together with

4.3. Benefits:

4.3.1. It will position you as a leader and someone worthy of the spotlight

4.3.2. It creates connections with your audience and can help you to quickly create win-win relationships

4.3.3. It will do a world of good for your confidence

4.4. You could also start doing video calls with your friends or take an afternoon to interview each other