Past Simple and Superlatives

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Past Simple and Superlatives by Mind Map: Past Simple and Superlatives

1. One syllable = The fastest

2. One syllable ending in -E = The strangest

3. Past Simple

4. Past simple is used 4 times

5. Superlatives

6. It's affirmative structure is: S+ VPast + Object

7. It's Negative Structure is: S + VPast + Object

8. It's Question Structure is: S + V Past + Object

9. Use Past simple express the idea that an action started and finished at a specific time in the past.

10. Use Past simple to talk about a situation that exists over a period of time (a duration) in the past.

11. Use Past simple is the general past, regular or habitual actions in the past.

12. Sequence of actions.

12.1. Use Past simple

12.2. Follow immediately after each other or one action causes a result.

13. Example:

13.1. We listened music until ten o’clock last night

13.2. They worked together for many years.

13.3. You watched television every night.

13.4. She lived in Japan last year.

14. Superlatives are used to compare faster people, places, or things.

15. A superlative compares one thing to all the others in the same group

16. There is an exception where: one vowel + consonat = double end consonat + ed

17. Superlatives have 6 cases in which this is used:

18. Consonant + short vowel + consonat = The biggest

19. Two or most Syllables = The most famous.

20. Two syllables ending in -Y = The happiest.

21. Common exceotions

21.1. Good = The best

21.2. Bad = The worst

21.3. Far = The fathest

22. Always = The

23. if the adjective ends in W it does not duplicate