Why You Need a ‘Failure Journal’

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Why You Need a ‘Failure Journal’ by Mind Map: Why You Need a ‘Failure Journal’

1. Introduction

1.1. It gives a clearer picture of what is working and what isn't.

1.2. The self awareness will help you grow

1.3. It helps you remember your mistakes so you’re less likely to repeat them

1.4. It allows you to disassociate with the emotions around your failures and discover lessons in each one.

1.5. Reframe failure as a necessary part of success.

2. For each failure, ask yourself these questions:

2.1. What is the “failure?”

2.1.1. Focus only on the intended result and the ultimate outcome — note facts, not emotions.

2.2. What caused the failure?

2.2.1. Don't blame yourself, but simply understand what you shouldn’t do next time.

2.3. What would “success” have looked like?

2.3.1. Think in terms of results and what it would have meant to you personally.

2.4. What is the lesson in this failure?

2.4.1. Train your brain to remember: If I do x, y will happen.