Master Server Components

Kubernetes Master Server components

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Master Server Components by Mind Map: Master Server Components

1. etcd

1.1. distributed key value store

1.2. uses

1.2.1. store configuration data used by nodes

1.2.2. service discovery

1.2.3. leader election

1.2.4. distributed locking

1.2.5. store current state of cluster

2. API Server (kube-apiserver)

2.1. exposes RESTful API for various operations in cluster

2.2. kubectl is CLI client available to interact with API Server (not part of master components)

3. Controller Manager

3.1. manages different controllers

3.1.1. Node Controller ensures nodes are up and running

3.1.2. Replication Controller ensures correct number of pods are running

3.1.3. Endpoint Controller manage workload life cycles

3.1.4. Service Account and Token Controller

4. Scheduler

4.1. Assigns workloads to nodes in cluster

4.2. reads workload requirements and places the work on matching node

4.3. tracking capacity on each host to ensure a specific node not carrying excess work