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My Roles by Mind Map: My Roles

1. Brother

1.1. Keep a close with my sister.

2. Son

2.1. I need to be more patient. They were more than patient with me.

3. Grandson

3.1. Be more appreciative, and forgive easier, and remember granny comes from a different generation.

4. Student

4.1. Finish assignments on time even if I'm sick.

5. Community Member

5.1. Volunteer in the community, join a cause that I am passionate about.

6. Desired Personal Qualities

6.1. Patient

6.2. Charismatic/Outgoing

6.3. Focused

7. Inner Critic

7.1. I keep my feelings towards others to myself, but I am agitated with people and society.

7.2. I've been depressed for so long, now that I am not as much (new medication). I feel motivated and agitated by things. Like I am seeing the world for the first time in a long time. I am disappointed and confused. The way people think; is both interesting and irritating. I don't understand why people can't accept others differences. Why people do wrong when it should be obvious its wrong.

7.3. I am not being patient enough with those who are around me.

8. Inner Guide

8.1. I understand that this agitation, like the depression, is coming more from myself than from society.

8.2. I am obviously not dealing with the fact that I let my depression put me down for so long.

8.3. I like being around people, even know I find them confusing.

8.4. I was in the hospital alot as kid and didn't get the chance to make friends. I hope if we have to read this out in class that people understand. I am socially catching up with society, if that makes sense. I understand alot of things but social skills I have very little.

8.5. I feel as if I have been living under a rock my whole life, and now that the rock ain't so heavy anymore I am able to crawl out and see what I've been missing. Its taking me awhile to adjust but I really am quite happy being awake for the first time in a long time.

9. Inner Defender

9.1. I had a rough start to life.

9.2. Life is rough for a lot of people, but I feel it was extra harsh for me.

9.3. I have been tired for so long, but now I feel more awake.

9.4. I am 30 years old, Its a shame it took so long but I am excited to focus on doing better for myself, those I care about, and for anyone that I needs help.