Learning outcomes

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Learning outcomes by Mind Map: Learning outcomes

1. Digital literacy

1.1. Time management

1.1.1. Practical examples Google Tasks Google Calendar

1.1.2. Action Plan daily updating and checking

1.2. Design

1.2.1. Practical examples Prezi Canva Mind map wordart

1.2.2. Action plan reading instructions

1.3. Communication

1.3.1. Practical examples Outlook Skype

1.3.2. Action plan basic knowledge sync with my phone

1.4. Professional growth

1.4.1. practicing this with different tasks I get from school mind map, prezi, canva

1.4.2. daily usage of outlook, google calendar and google tasks

1.4.3. basic knowledge of skype and wordart

2. Intercultural sensitivity

2.1. Communication

2.2. awareness

2.3. education

2.4. Practical examples

2.4.1. internet

2.4.2. talking to other people

2.5. Action plan

2.5.1. listening to others

2.5.2. reflecting on situations and learning from them

2.5.3. Actively searching for information

2.5.4. meeting people of other cultures

2.6. Professional growth

2.6.1. I often meet up with people through international student organizations where I have many conversations and learn a lot of new things

2.6.2. watching ted talks on cultures and different countries

2.6.3. reading international newspapers

3. Inquisitive and critical attitude

3.1. Professional

3.2. writing style

3.2.1. using language tools

3.3. Summarize

3.4. Formulating

3.5. understanding and learning

3.6. News

3.6.1. different news sites

3.7. Action plan

3.7.1. Ask feedback and use it

3.7.2. practice with writing

3.7.3. check and use multiple sources

3.7.4. Practice English

3.7.5. look up examples

3.8. Professional growth

3.8.1. I receive some feedback on my writing styles which helps with future writing tasks

3.8.2. I often need to google information so being critical of my sources is an important part of my internship

3.8.3. I practice my English a lot in both writing, reading and speaking very often

3.8.4. I need to practice making summarize more

4. Enterprise, accuracy, problem-solving skills, creativity and innovation

4.1. efficiency

4.2. independent

4.3. Different perspective

4.4. planning

4.4.1. Google Calendar

4.4.2. Google Tasks

4.5. trying new things

4.5.1. new digital tools

4.6. prioritize

4.6.1. making lists to make an overview

4.7. Action plan

4.7.1. make clear goals

4.7.2. trying new tools and ways to do things

4.7.3. write things down to make a clear overview of what needs to happen

4.7.4. practicing

4.7.5. asking feedback

4.8. Professional growth

4.8.1. planning beginner's level I need to practice this more I have a calendar hanging in my room to visualize when what needs to be done

4.8.2. feedback I often ask and receive feedback I use the feedback to learn and make changes for the next times

4.8.3. I also need to practice prioritizing more