MAS Brand Newsroom

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MAS Brand Newsroom by Mind Map: MAS Brand Newsroom

1. Editorial Board - A group of senior stakeholders such as head of sustainable business, HR, business teams, Finance, Legal etc. Everyone who can help with ideas for content and are in the frontline of customer stories, external audiences, business goals and targets This team will create the voice and tone of all content and decide the purpose and framing of all stories Not to be involved in daily operations but to meet bi-quarterly on setting future direction and tone and content ideas.

1.1. Editor-in-Chief (Controls and approves all content that comes from all different feeds. Needs to be savvy on risks, topics being reported on and have complete accountability of what goes out

1.1.1. Topic Editors - Topic experts who will run daily operations on each segment handed down by the Editor-in-Chief ... includes having to sometimes create content or oversee production of content specific to their area of expertise. Production Manager - A content manager who aligns all the publications for the day or week and is the head honcho of content creation and how it is scheduled on time on the timeline on each platform Content Makers - Writers, editors, cameramen, and graphics designers and anyone else who create the content based on content calendar and daily schedule handed down by their topic editors or editor-in-chief These could also included external contributors - Photographers, Writers etc

2. Step 1 - Establish an editorial calendar and a content creation workflow

2.1. Step 2 Break silos and create a single content calendar and editorial board with all teams pitching into common content goals that establish trust with all kinds of audiences

2.1.1. Step 3 Clear leadership and ownership of topics and content which allows for less confusion as to who is 'Making, Ideating, Scheduling and Publishing" Step 4 - Transparent sharing of processes and workflows across all teams - so all comms teams are working on a single content goal and calendar and publishing deadline Step 5 Digital communications training to be afforded to all content makers to use phones and other devices to create and record content.