Water and Sanitation

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Water and Sanitation by Mind Map: Water and Sanitation

1. domestic education app to help increase efficient water use within the home

1.1. help decrease the cost of water in a household

1.2. warning system for differing levels of water use and risks of flood after heavy rain

1.3. option for contacting local and reliable water vendors when water cut off or system is down

1.3.1. provides jobs and boosts econmy

2. public toilets with the capabilities of converting human waste into serviceable energy through the use of anaerobic respiration and micro bacterial fuel cells

2.1. provides jobs through construction and through staff and security boosting local economy and employment

2.2. supports energy independence in a developing country

2.3. eases the strain on already over taxed and aging sewage infrastructure

2.4. allows a more direct approach to the problem of waste management and treatent

3. Rig up the abandoned water tower with solar panels and wind turbines to provide an independent and sustainable form of power to supplement water network during outages and shortages

3.1. provides jobs throughout implementation and staffing

3.2. eases stress on the aging water infrastructure

3.3. supports energy independence in a developing country

4. low cost and reusable filtration straw to enable use of water from polluted sources

4.1. manual/ hand pump so no need for electricity or batteries hence more sustainable and accessible

4.2. made from sustainable polymer or recycled materials hence decreasing plastic waste

4.3. not case specific so can be implemented across many similar communities world wide

5. plastic rubber collection and recycling scheme with cash incentives to help tackle the issue of dumping in the Jukskei river

5.1. decreaces wate in local water source aswell boosting local economy

5.2. raises awareness of the issue of water pollution

5.3. the use of incentive would also make harsher fines and punishments for dumping waste more accepted In the society as another path would be ascribed

6. water meter payment app to give alternative to physical topups and payment bills

6.1. bills not trusted in the post so this provides an alternative

6.2. allows access to those further out from department stores in emergencies