Ybyrai Altynsarin

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Ybyrai Altynsarin by Mind Map: Ybyrai Altynsarin

1. real name Ibrahim(1841-1889)

2. teacher

2.1. Scholl in Torgai Scholl in Orenburg Schooll in Troick ...

3. writer

3.1. poems: river, let the children study, summer, hey friends, etc. Tales: Karakylysh, golden forelock, Altyn Shetuyuk, Asyl Shөp

4. His book's

4.1. KEL, BALALAR OKYLYK, Zhaz, Baiman zarly balasy, Өner bіlіm bar zhurttar, Aurudan ayagan kүshtіrek ...

5. Career

5.1. He graduated from school in 1857 with a gold medal. Then for three years he worked as a clerk for his grandfather Balgozhi. For some time Altynsarin worked as a translator in the Orenburg regional government, where he met N. Ilminsky. In 1860, the regional government ordered him to open a school for Kazakh children in the city of Turgai, in which he was appointed a teacher of the Russian language. In 1861, he received the post of teacher of the Turgai school. In 1864 he opened the first public school.

5.2. From 1879 until the end of his life, he was an inspector of Kazakh schools in the Turgai region. In 1883, Altynsarin moved to Nikolaev (Kustanai) county. He built a house three kilometers from the city of Kustanai, on the bend of the Tobol River, on an island where there was a small lake, which later became known as the “Inspector”. There, Ibrai Altynsarin lived and worked until his death.

6. Memory

6.1. In honor of Altynsarin, the Altynsarin district of the Kostanai region is named. In the USSR, the name was given to the Arkalyk Pedagogical Institute. In honor of Altynsarin, the Regional Library for Children and Youth in Kostanay is named. In honor of Altynsarin, the South Kazakhstan Regional Children's Library in Shymkent is named. In honor of Altynsarin, the Rudnensky Social and Humanitarian College in Kostanay Oblast was named. In honor of the outstanding teacher in 2007, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan established a departmental award - the Ibrai Altynsarin Breastplate. Avenue was named in his honor in Almaty. In honor of Altynsarin, one of the central streets of the city of Kostanay is named. In honor of Altynsarin, one of the streets of the city of Rudny was named. After gaining independence, the name was assigned to Ubagan secondary school of the Altynsarinsky district. In honor of Altynsarin, secondary school No. 1 named after Altynsarin was named in the city of Kapshagai. In honor of Altynsarin, gymnasium No. 159 named after Altynsarin in the city of Almaty was named. In 1952, the Altynsarin glacier in the Dzungarian Alatau was named in his honor [3]. In May 2013, a monument to Ibrai Altynsarin was unveiled in Kentau. In honor of Altynsarin, a secondary school in the village of Taskala in the West Kazakhstan region was named. In honor of Altynsarin, one of the streets of the city of Kokshetau is named (until 2018 - Peace Street).